Grand River Yarns

Large Wooden Corkers
4 peg or 6 peg
Lovely to look at and great to work with, feel the warmth of real wood in your hands!
The corkers and circular knitters are all hand crafted at Cedar Hollow, Canada
of only the finest Canadian hardwoods. The are hand polished in bees wax.
Great for kids and adults.

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4 1/2 " high
8 " around
The large corker comes in 4 peg or
6 peg. The 4 peg is for heavier yarns
and cotton or rags . The 6 peg
gives more density
with medium weight yarn.

Made locally by Cedar Hollow in 100% Canadian hardwood
and hand polished with bee's wax.
Comes complete with instruction tag tied to peg.
 Whether you call it spool knitting, French
knitting or corking, you will enjoy the same pleasure you
did as a child with this extra-large hardwood spool knitter. 
The four peg enables you to use thin fabric strips or rug
yarn to create braided-look rugs, chair pads or other
projects with old-country charm that are easy to create.
The six peg lends itself to working with basic worsted weight
yarn that most knitters have around the house or with textured
novelty yarns such as the ones shown below.

Price $14.95


close up of pegs on corkers

"Boa ties" made with the large corker and eyelash yarn

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