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Crochet hook set in zippered case

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$24.95 a set

I received a sample of a really nice crochet set in a zippered case. The hooks have bamboo handles.
and are 5 1/2" long, 6 of the hooks are small sizes ranging from 1mm to 2.75mm and have metal hooks with bamboo handles. I find these comfortable in my hand. I found working with the small metal crochet hooks hard on my hands but these are really easy to hold and work with. The other 12 hooks are solid bamboo and range from size 3mm to 10mm.

To keep my bamboo smooth use some bees wax or if you can find it use a piece of wax paper and rub the hooks. The bit of wax on the paper will transfer to the hooks and keep them sliding easily through your yarn.

The case is faux leather and is easy to keep clean. The case measures 6 1/2" by 7" and thinner then an inch.

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