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Highlighter Tape


Highlighter Tape lets you temporarily highlight a sentence, a word, or even just part of a word in your pattern or graph. This amazing re-useable transparent tape is like using a florescent highlighting pen, but the removable adhesive means you don't make permanent marks.

It helps you keep track of where you are in a pattern or what line of a graph you are working on. You can use different colours to indicate where you are in rows or patterns.

additional use:
They are also great for marking pages. When I get a book or magazine there is always a page/pattern that I want to note. In the past I used scraps of paper as a marker but they fall out, fall down and I can't see them. It occurred to me that if I took a small piece of the marker and put the end of it on a page and bent it in half and stuck them together I would have a solid, easy to see tab that would stay there until I wanted to take it off.

It comes in two lengths and 6 bold but transparent colours,  6pink , 0 yellow, 
4 orange,  1purple,  2 green  and  6 blue left

Each roll is 1/2" wide and 393 " long

$5.50 a roll
Clearance price $3.50





colours shown from top down orange, green, purple, yellow, pink, blue.

colours,  pink 1 yellow 1, orange 1, purple 1, green 2 and blue 1 left

Each roll is 1/2" wide and 720 " long

$7.50 a roll
Clearance price $5.50


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