Grand River Yarns

Hand made Shawl pins

Silver & Copper plated
made in Canada by Sweaterkits

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Silver oval- 

out of stock

Each pin is made by hand and so each pin is unique. Shapes listed below are just to give you an idea of the general shape of the stick pin.  The sticks are about 4" wide so that should give you a rough idea of the size of the brooch part


wide shape - fish?

 out of stock

silver odd shape

Silver circle

Copper circle -1  available

copper odd shapes


Copper long shape-

New designs
Each of these is different - the picture on the right show the shape of the pin - the pins are made in plated silver and are light enough to be able to use on lace shawls or scarves.
The pin is around 2 1/2" wide  $14.95

Center is a crystal ball with three
different size silver mesh balls on each side

The center on this pin is a large mesh ball with two smaller mesh balls on either side

the center is a large mesh ball with a single medium sized silver ball on each side. this picture shows the shape of the pin - it

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