Grand River Yarns
Bamboo needle and crochet hook
sets in a custom made case

10" & 14" straights
Circular needles
Double pointed needles
Crochet hooks

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Double pointed needle sets N               

14" long straight needle
Circular needle sets
10" long straight needles
crochet hook sets
We may also have a few sets of  bamboo needles without the case if we have enough inventory to fill the orders for the complete sets.
prices for sets without a case
Circular  - 18 needles $25.00
DPN- 15 sets of 5 needles $30.00
18 pairs of 14" straights  $27.00
  18 pairs of 10" straights 21.00
crochet  12 hooks $12.00

Local phone number (905) 662 0986,  Fax: (905) 664 3638 or call our Toll Free Order Line in Canada and the USA
1-888-314-1115  or email me at
<Rochelle Smith>