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Title: Decorating Sweaters with Duplicate Stitch
Author: Nola Theiss
Hardcover,  128 pages
SRP: $34.95 for hard cover  SRP: 20.95 for softcover
Even if you have never held a needle other than to sew on a button, you can add delightful designs-from elegant flowers to bold shapes and whimsical pictures-to a plain sweater to turn it into a stunning piece of  wearable art.  Duplicate stitch is an embroidery technique that is the simple duplication of knitted stitches to create a motif or a pattern. Within minutes, following the instruction and diagram you will be ready to get to work on any of the 60 fabulous projects in the book.

Clearance price $13.95 - Let me know which copy you want -1 copy of each

Title: Double Knits
Pairs of patterns for babies and toddlers
by Zoe Mellor
Softcover , 96 pages
 SRP:  $24.95
Packed with great knitting ideas for babies and toddlers.
You don't have to be knitting for twins to fall in love with this book.
Each of the 20 striking projects can be made up in two ways:
choose the colourway, style or motif


  Clearance price $12.50  Only1 copy left


Title: Easy Knits for Kids
by Family Circle
Hardcover, 144 pages
SRP  $38.95

More then 50 of the most popular children's styles from Family Circle Easy Knitting magazine. Includes classic and contemporary designs for both novice and expert knitters and crocheter. Clear and concise instructions accompany each pattern with full colour photographs. A chapter explaining basic techniques and stitch details help get the beginner started. Designers include Norah Gaughan, Melissa Leapman, Mari Lynn Patrick and many more.

Clearance price 14.95   only 1 copy left



Title: Fabulous Felted Hand-Knits
Wonderful Wearables & Home Accents
by Jane Davis
Hardcover , 128 pages
SRP:  $19.95
Learn a versatile, creative technique for turning knitting into felted fabric.
These 20 stylish projects to knit and felt-washing knitwear so it shrinks and fuzzes-will expand your knitting skills. Felting is a great twist on a classic craft.


  Clearance price $ 9.95 Only1 copy left


Books by Kaffe Fassett


Title: Family Album
Author: Kaffe Fassett & Zoe Hunt
Hardcover, 200 pages
SRP: $35.00)  

Kaffe Fassett working with his long time collaborator Zoe Hunt has designed a stunning collection of imaginative tops and bottoms for every member of the family.  Thirty brand new patterns explore the possibilities of circles and dots, squares and plaids, flowers and bows, even brushes and combs with more than eighty variations. The spectacular photography by Steve Lovi makes this a book to add to your collection and it will continue to please for years to come..

hardcover   Clearance price $17.50  

I have a hard cover copy that the SRP was $35.00 and 3 soft cover copy that the SRP was $38.95. All are clearing at $17.50. just put a note in the order form saying which one you want. The pictures on the soft cover are different but the 200 pages in the book are the same in both.


Title: Felted Crochet
Bags- pillows, bowls, hats, throws
by Jane Davis
softcover , 128 pages
SRP:  $31.99
Learn a versatile, creative technique for turning knitting into felted fabric.
These 20 stylish projects to knit and felt-washing knitwear so it shrinks and fuzzes-will expand your knitting skills. Felting is a great twist on a classic craft.


  Clearance price $ 9.95 Only1 copy left


Title: Floral Knits
by Nola Theiss & Chris Ranken
Hardcover, 144 pages
SRP:  $24.95

Floral Knits features more then forty sweaters for all seasons, for women, men and children, in both cardigan and pullover styles. Each project is shown in full color with clear, step-by-step instructions plus stitch diagrams and finishing details. You'll learn multi-yarn knitting techniques, plus important tricks and tips. Machine knitting information is also included.
Choose a favourite sweater for yourself and keep the beauty and colour of nature's flower garden with you all year long.

   Clearance price $12.50  Only 1 copy left


Title: Great Crocheted Sweaters in a Weekend
Author: Nola Theiss & Chris Rankin
Hardcover, 144 pages
SRP: $29.95

It's a wonderful assortment of cardigans, pullovers, summerwear, and kid's clothing!  Everything from the popular floral and geometric patterns to fun duck and puppy designs and Christmas patterns are displayed in glorious full colour. This diverse collection of crocheted sweater patterns offers tips and techniques  with full instructions on working with several yarn colours, the importance of gauge, and on following graphs.   

  Clearance price $14.95   Only one copy



Title: Handmade Underground Knitwear
Author: Laura Long & Melissa Halvorson
soft cover, 144 pages
SRP: $23.99

Want to have fun creating unique pieces that accentuate your independent style?
With a broad range of stylish projects accompanied by colour photographs and smart ideas.  The go to guide for bringing even more originality to your wardrobe. Belt, smock, bag, opera length fingerless mitts, legwarmers, hat, slippers, cowl, scarf and bolero.

  Clearance price $11.95   Only one copy


Title: Harmony Class- Knitting Children's Sweaters
Soft Cover-small,    48 pages
SRP: $6.95
A classic style  with a choice of 12 pattern variations

clearance $1.95  10 copies left

Title:  Harmony Guide -Knitting Stylish Stitches out of print- 4 copies left
Soft cover,  80 pages
Older version of Harmony Guide- 1993

Shaping, types of knitting, garment style and features, making up, abbreviations,
Woman's Waistcoat- lace patterns, lace panels
His and Her Guernsey Sweater- knit and purl textures, knit and purl patterns, knit and purl panels
Cabled Dress- rib patterns, cable panels, cable patterns
Man's Cardigan- intarsia motifs
Fair Isle Top- fair isle patterns
Child's Sailor Cardigan- rich textures, raised stitches

Clearance  $7.95

Title:  Head to toe knits
by Bronwyn Lowenthal
Soft cover,  128 pages
SRP: 24.95
35 hats, scarves, gloves and socks you will love to knit. Projects to suit all skilllevels, with a detailed section to keep novice knitters on track. Designs for hats, scarves, snoods, gloves, armwarmers, bag, belts, legwarmers, and socks to choose from.
Clearance $12.50

Title: Hip Knits
65 Easy projects from hot designers
Soft cover,  192 pages
from Better Homes and Gardens
SRP: $ 29.95                
This book includes an awesome variety of knit and crochet projects, all created with ease in mind. Today's hottest designers inspire you with:
Dozens of super-cool, easy-to-make projects-including adorable baby sets, showy sweaters and vests, handy totes, toasty mitten, hats, and scarves. Knitting and crochet basics to help along the way

Clearance $14.95 only 1 copy

Title:  Homespun, Handknit
edited by Linda Ligon
Soft cover,  160 pages
SRP: 27.95
Caps, socks, mittens and gloves. Includes designs from fifty experience knitters. You will discover Elizabeth Zimmerman's amazing original mittens. Instructions include guides for using handspun yarn and suggested commercial substitutes. From easy beginner piecess to advanced brain teasers, Homespun, Handknit provides a unique range of small projects, instructions and ideas to keep you knitting creatively for years to come.
Clearance $14.95


Title: Hot Knits
by Melissa Leapman
Soft cover,  128 pages
srp $24.95 
Sexy and chic, this trendy sweater collection is perfect for fashion-conscious knitters with busy lifestyles. 30 fresh designs that will appeal to all skill levels. I had to include the picture of the knitted dress to the right as an example of sexy, chic, trendy. Great collection from a widely published sweater designer.

Clearance $ 12.50 1 copy left

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