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Title: Little Box of Knitted Gifts  by Sandy Scoville
great collection of easy to knit small gift patterns scarves on individual cards (5 1/4  x 8 1/4) stored in a solid box. 21  PATTERNS for srp $29.95

Patterns include scarves, shawls, pillows, purses, throw, baby blanket, afghan,
belt, slippers, mitts, tunic, sweater, cell phone holder, baby sweater, hats and scarf.


   Clearance $14.95    3 copies left


Title: Little Box of Scarves
great collection of scarf patterns on individual cards (5 1/4  x 8 1/4)
stored in a solid box

for more details and pictures of the scarves or to order click here


  Clearance $14.95  only 1 copy left

Title: Loop-d-loop
by Teva Durham
Hardcover-spiral bound,  112 pages
srp $43.50

More than 40 novel designs for adults, children and the home.
Her designs are just a little outside the box and challenge us to
let our creative side out.

  Clearance $21.75            only 1 copy left


Books by Sally Melville
Title: Book 1: The Knit Stitch- inspiration and instruction to build
your skills, wardrobe and confidence
by Sally Melville
soft cover, 162 pages
srp $29.95 
A learn to knit book that is not just for beginners. 25 go for it projects. The skills you need, the details that matter, wardrobe-building styles and sizes, friendly advice, constant coaching and rescue techniques for common mistakes
Clearance 14.95 only 1 copy



Title: Module Magic
by Ginger Luters
soft cover,  122 pages
srp $29.95 

It's easy to be creative one square, triangle or strip at a time. This book presents ideas for making fabrics and garments from modules, They can be knitted as presented, but you can also personalize them in any colour, stitch or texture you prefer. From there you can design your own combinations

  Clearance $14.95  Only 1 copy



Title: Mon Tricot Knitting Encyclopedia- 1500 patterns New Edition No.
Soft cover,-small size  194 pages
special offer  sale $35.00  (not reduce, only one left and they are new Vintage copies)
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Title: More Big Girl KNits
by Ginger Luters
hard cover,  160pages
srp $34.00

25 designs full of colour and texture for curvy women, plus adaptations to make almost any pattern suitable for all sizes and shapes.

  Clearance $16.95 Only 1 copy


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