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Title: Nancy Vales Knitwear
Author: Nancy Vales
Hardcover, 148 pages
SRP: $34.95

More then 30 classic patterns by the British Designer who designed for Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren.  Lots patterns for colour work (intarsia, fairisle),  cables and stitch patterns. Patterns for all seasons mostly for women but some for men. You will find patterns simple enough for a beginner as well as more complex patterns for the more experience knitters

  Clearance price $17.50   Only one copy left


Title: New Directions in Knitting
Author: Jeanne Stauffer
Hardcover, 176 pages
SRP $19.95

38 patterns for summer and winter, for children and adults, ladies and men. Pullovers, cardigans, vests, top down. Designers include Katherine Hunt, Barbara Venishnick, Lois S Young, Kennita Tully, Diane Zang, Dixie Bulter, Kathy Sasser, Nazarin S Fard, Joyce Englund, Ann E Smith, Lynnette Harter etc.

 Clearance price $9.95   only 1 copy


New knits on the block

Title: New Knits on the block
A guide to knitting what Kids really want.

Author: Vickie Howell
soft cover, 120 pages
SRP $21.95

  In this brilliant collection of 25  inspired kids' knits includes original fun costumes, toys and decoration for kids. The projects are so playful  and fun... children won't need to be enticed to use them.

Clearance price $9.95  2 copies left

I have a third copy that has sticker marks on cover

 Clearance  $8.95

Title: Not another teen knitting book
A guide to knitting what kids really want
by Vickie Howell
softcover-,  120 pages
srp- $ 17.95
Whether you're a preppy, a jock or a nerd these hip fun and creative projects will make you want to grab some yarn and start knitting. A book for the teen knitter. Spunky, funky outfits and toys that kids will love.

 Clearance  $7.95  only 1 copy
Slightly handled- sticker marks


Title: One + One Hats
30 projects from just two skeins
Softcover , 132 pages
by Iris Schreier
 SRP:  $21.95

  Clearance price $11.95  Only1 copy left



Title: Our Best Baby Afghans-crochet
Author: Leisure Arts
soft cover, 127 pages
SRP $19.95
54 afghan designs crocheted  for the new baby in your life. Patterns include diamonds, posies, gingham checks, ruffles, flowers, ripples, mile-a-minute, hearts and bows, granny squares, Irish chain, stripes, waves, shells, daisy, pinwheels, bubbles. Lots of patterns for little girls or boys, from simple to more challenging.

Clearance price $9.95  3 copies left

Title: The Right Way to Knit Book 2 - How to Block and Finish
Author: Evelyn Stiles Stewart

Booklet - Vintage -published in 1969 101 pages

The table of contents is 5 pages long and cover just about everything.  What she does is to work you through a basic pattern, then taking you in more detail into how to finish
a garment including blocking. It is a very personal hands on knitting book not written for the professional but for the average knitter. Very informative

 clearance $9.95 1 copy only


Title: Simple Tips and Inspiration for Knitters
Barbour Publishing

small soft cover gift book   pages not numbered
SRP $7.99 
slight bend in the front cover

Clearance price $3.99     only one copy


Jo Sharp books and patterns
on a separate page
Click here

Rudyard Story sold** West Cape Howe Collection
Hanover Bay Collections - 11 single patterns

Title: So Simple Knits
Author: Hilary Mackin
softcover   128 pages
SRP $27.95 
A fabulous collection of 24 fashionable and fun designs. Over 110 full colour photographs, diagrams and stitch detail. Quick-knit techniques that ensure professional-looking results, even for beginners. Projects ranging from ponchos, cardigans, wraps, and bolero jackets to scarves and hats, many using today's chunky yarns. Easy to follow, concise step by step directions.

Clearance price $13.95
  only 1 copy


Click here
Alice Starmore books on separate page

Tudor Rose ** Sweaters for Men
The Celtic Collection ** Celtic Needlepoint

Title: Stitch'n'bitch- The Knitter's Handbook
Author: Debbie Stoller
softcover, 248 pages
SRP: $19.95
It is the essential guide for chicks with sticks- from the tools of the trade to the knitting gritty of techniques and patterns, all with easy-to-follwo step-by-step illustrated techniques. Plus the stitch doctor's own special bag of tricks and how to hook up with other knitters.  Forty hip, stylish patterns as good for beginners as they are for the purly pros.

  Clearance price $9.95   Only one copy left



Title: Stitch'n'bitch Nation
Author: Debbie Stoller
softcover, 296 pages
SRP: $19.95
50 hip even funkier patterns by stitch and bitch designers across America.
Plus: How to make any knitting pattern your own, insider tips,
profiles of groups, and more

  Clearance price $9.95   Only one copy left



Title: Stitch'n'bitch- Son of Stitch'n'bitch
45 projects to knit or crochet for Men

Author: Debbie Stoller
softcover, 216 pages
SRP: $19.95
45 projects to knit and crochet for men. This attitude-packed guide to knitting and crocheting for the men in your life covers the pitfalls, the tricks, and the rewards, plus 45 awesome projects --every one guy-reviewed and -approved, and many designed by male knitter or women using men as design partners

  Clearance price $9.95   Only one copy left


Title: Summer & Winter Knitting, Rowan Designer Collection
editors of North Light Books
Softcover, 160 pages
SRP: $34.95

Over 40 patterns from 20 top designers- each contributing one Winter and one Summer garment, especially for this book. Designers such as Kaffe Fassett, Sasha Kagan, Annabel Fox, Sandy Black, Martine Kidman for Joseph Tricot, Sarah Dallas, Susan Duckworth, Angela King, Patterns fall into two groups, classic and modern and use a wide range of yarns and weights.

  Clearance price $10.50   Only two copies left


Title: Take-along Knitting
Author: Stephen Sheard
Hardcover, 144 pages
SRP: $21.99
Are you a take-along knitter? Are you tempted to break out the needles on the bus or anywhere when you are waiting for something to happen. The editors have selected the best portable projects from their superstar authors including Stefanie Japel, Jane Davis, Hannah Fettig and more. With easy to follow patterns that help you celebrate the joy of knitting everywhere you go, you will be ready to take your knitting around the world.


  Clearance price $10.95   Only one copy left

Title: Two Sticks and a String
Knitting designs inspired by nature

Author: Kerry Ferguson
softcover, 160 pages
SRP: $44.95

Capture the creative spirit of knitting using a designers most celebrated inspiration--nature. With a simple pair of knitting needles and a skein of yarn you will create knitted garments with a unique blend of traditional design and rustic style. Based on centuries-old motifs each pattern has been simplified for today's knitter. 15 distinctive sweaters, vest, jackets and cardigans. Clearly illustrated step by step instructions for each project.

  Clearance price $19.95   Only one copy left


Title: Vogue Knitting On The Go- Mittens and Gloves
Hard cover -small versions  96 pages
SRP $17.95 
20 patterns for mitts and gloves

Clearance price $8.95  
   Only one copy left

Title: Vogue Knitting On The Go- Pillows
Hard cover- small versions  96 pages
SRP $17.95 
20 patterns for pillows

Clearance price $8.95      Only one copy left


Title: Weekend Knitting
Author: Melanie Falick
hard cover, 176 pages
SRP $34.95

50 Unique projects and ideas from an international team of top designers, including Debbie Bliss,  Jo Sharp, Deborah Newton, Kristin Nicholas, Pam Allen and Nicky Epstein. The projects range fro soft chenille wash cloths, whimsical egg cozies, colourful backgammon and checkerboards, and lace chair seats to cozy socks and mittens, fluffy mohair shawls, sophisticated hemp baby sweaters, curly-toed booties, a felted farmer's market bag and a luxurious cashmere pullover. All the instructions are written in clear, detailed format.


Clearance price $17.50 only 1 copy left


Title: Woolly Bear Knits
Author: Melinda Coss
soft cover, 96 pages
SRP :$ 20.95

Melinda Coss has created 19 irresistible patterns for a wide variety of hand knit items incorporating a bear motif. Designs include sweaters and dresses for adults, children's clothes, a baby's sleeping-bag and booties, leg warmers and mittens. Also there are patterns for knitting bears and making bear toys. The pattern that I like the most is a full size coat with a very large Paddington Bear on the back. Great fun for teddy bear lovers
  Clearance price $10.50 only 1 copy left


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