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I have a number of peg board display units which I would like to sell together but am willing to sell the pieces separately. Call 905 662 0986 to see the peg board

Peg board #1 in the first picture below is made up of two  2 ft wide by 6 ft tall sections.
I have 5 of these 2 ft sections. they have peg board on both side on a wood frame . 
Originally all 5 were bolted  together for a very sturdy back drop for shows.
You could display your product on both sides.
I also have a  good size box of pegboard hooks in various sizes.

Pegboard # 2 on the left is 2 ft wide by 4 ft tall

Pegboard #3 on the right is 4' by 5' Both pegboards are on a sturdy wood frame

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