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Used display units

Custom built wall units and matching cubby hole shelves (click here for details)

metal display  (click here for details)
Peg board- various sizes (for details click here)

3 sided mobile grid display
each side is 1' 6" wide by 5'4" and the total height is 5'9'
it turns  and it also has wheel for ease of movement
I also have 4 
2' wide by 6' high
black metal grid panels

and a number of hooks, hangers,

baskets etc for displaying things on the grid.

The panels are in a separate building and it is too
cold and wet to get them out and set them up to
take picture. I will do that as soon as the
weather improves a bit.

I suspect that I also have other things stored in there

 that I will not be needing so I will post them asap.

I also have a shorter 4 panel display , it is a 2' by
4' size that is on wheels for movement

I have about 4 different sizes of cone/yarn trees
this one shown has room for 48 cones $75.00

This is the largest one I have and
it holds 80 cones. It is on wheels so you can
turn or move it $125.00



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