Grand River Yarns
Shawls, Ponchos

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Pacca evening shawl


Small shoulder shawl kit knit in PFS (poly, flax, silk)

Shawl knit in Rayon Slub


Wild & Wacki
shoulder shawl




Ohio cotton ribbon
large stole



Ohio cotton ribbon
small triangle shawl kit

Swirl Shawl in Melody

by Jojoland


Shell shawl in Melody 
 by Jojoland


Dragonwing by Jojo

Maya novelty yarn kit
for shawl & scarf


Shawl in Flamant yarn





Lacy mohair shawl 


Frilly milly shawl


Poncho, Shrug


Ohio cotton ribbon large shawl or poncho or
small triangle shawl kits 


Eyelash shrug


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