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GREAT BOOK FOR MACHINE BASICS- If you picked up a used machine or don't have access to lessons this book is a great overall book that covers basic instructions for the main bed and the ribber. It includes casting on and off, decrease and increase, partial knitting, hemming, joining, buttonholes, waste knitting, pockets, trimming, grafting, etc. $17.95
Machine Knitting Technology & Patterns by Mary Weaver
Single Bed Knitting on Single and Double Bed Machines

Over 300 hundred pages of useful information on using your machine, making bands, buttonholes, as well as a full range of patterns. Raglan, blouses, overblouses, ponchos, zip up jacket, socks. Using and making punch cards. It also includes pattern such as tuck, tuck lace, slip, skip or float stitch, weaving, plating, intarsia, and methods of knitting sideways, Fairisle, 3 colour fairisle, Making up knitwear. It covers just about anything you may need to know. 
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Note: The book weighs almost a kilo is heavy, shipping to USA will be $10.30 and in Canada postage will depend on destination.

Back Issue Magazines
Note: most of these magazines have patterns for punchcard and electronic  machines

Modern Machine Knitting   clearance $2.00 each
1987  Mar, Apr,  July, Aug, Sept, .
1988   Nov

1989   July, Dec
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1991  Nov

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