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Grand River Yarns 


Used machines as of March 2018

The machines listed below are owned by someone else please contact them directly
Singer 326
main bed (punchcard) $149.00 standard gauge
Singer 327
main bed (punchcard) $149.00 standard gauge
Singer 32
8 main bed (punchcard) $149.00 standard gauge
Singer 360
main bed (punchcard) $299.00 standard gauge
Singer 700 main bed (punchcard) $375.00 standard gauge

check out Ambi's web site   Owned by Ambi Bamrah in Mississauga, Ontario
You can contact Ambi directly at  or call 905 568 8456
All machines listed below have manuals and most if not all accessories, certainly all accessories that are required, they all have new tension retainer bars and are in good working order.


Singer 560 main bed (electronic) standard gauge  $400.-
Singer 360 main bed (punchcard)       "           "        $300.-
Brother 860   "       "           "                   "           "   $300.- lace carriage included
Brother Knit Leader for all Brother machines            $199.-
Singer YC5 Yarn changer                                       $  99.- (suitable for all double bed machines)
Singer YC6    "          "                                            $199.-        "        "    "        "        "        "       
Singer 560 Lace carriage (electronic)                       $ 275.-
Singer 580 Lace carriage           "                             $ 299.-
Owned by Ada Meyers in Kitchener ON.
You can contact Ada directly at  or call 519 743-8725
All machine listed below are cleaned and in good condition. New sponge bar in all. Instruction manual,punchcards (when its applicable) and all tools are included.


Grand River Yarns in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada
 Rochelle Smith    phone # 905 664 4710
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