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Issue #39 Aug 22nd, 2017


They are ready: samples knit, pattern written and kits made up ready to go. Just waiting for you to order.  $12.95 a kit (1 pair)

You can wear them scrunched up like shown below or you can extend the sleeve part to cover more of your arm and the same for the hand part. When you don't need your fingers out you can extend the hand part to cover the ends of your fingers.

Jewel tones -navy. emerald, royal blue, orchid, turquoise

Pastel tone - grey, mint green, baby blue, rosy pink, winter white

Autumn tones - Dark green, beige, rust, sage green, terra cotta

Check them out  click here

For those what would like something a little more luxurious I am thinking of knitting up a sample in Silky Jazz which is a hand dyed silk and merino blend yarn. Yummy yarn in muted jewel tones that would look and feel great and also would be very warm. Yep I just talked myself into it, next project. I will let you know when they are ready,

If you are on any of my other sites you may already know that I am in the process of downsizing the store inventory in anticipation of a move late Fall or Early Spring. I have lots and lots of things that are odds and ends, like  only 1 kit left, 1 or a couple skeins or balls of yarn, buttons, notions, accessories that would take up too much space on line. In the store I used to take the odds and ends off the shelf and put them in a bin at a reduced price and they never stayed there very long. So I have set up a virtual odds and ends clearance bin called Grand River Yarns clearance group  where I will list things every couple days to let you know what I have in the odds and ends department. You can join the group at

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