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Issue #10  Dec 13, 2016


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Large cowl knit in a brushed mohair and a boucle mohair.
One of a kind combinations of mohair yarn and colourways.
Lots of colour choices and easy to knit with simple stitches and large needles.

Wrap it around twice and you can pull part of it up over your head and the rest around your neck and ears for super light warmth, or you can make a great fashion statement with it worn
loose or for indoors you can pull it down over your shoulders to keep you warm.

If you are running out of ideas for the knitter on your list consider giving them a gift certificate for Grand River Yarns.
They can spend it on line, in person at the store or tuck it away until one of the three shows we do each year.  It can be in any amount and I will send you the certificate by email or I can send it directly to the person receiving it if you won't be seeing them soon. Just email us with the information or call us at 905 662 0986 or if you are long distance
call 1 888 314 1115

We are very close to various holidays and thing can get a little crazy this time of year. Be  good to yourself, take time out for you. If you can, find time with your needles and yarn to relax but if that is what has you wound up, write a nice note, pack it with the unfinished gift project  saying you will get back to it in the new year.  They have something to look forward to and you can enjoy the holidays without the added pressure. If the item was going out of town take a bunch of pictures and send them with the card. Enjoy!!!!

Happy Knitting, Merry Christmas,
happy holidays - what ever they are. Rochelle

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