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Issue #18 February14th, 2017





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I can't believe it, there is not one person out there who wants to make a pair of orange or yellow merino and silk sock. Yep, not one nibble. :)

Interweave Knits did it again with their current issue, lots of traditional classic sweater designs again. Love it! For those of you who started knitting with novelty yarn and one ball kits the idea of knitting a whole sweater may seem daunting or even overwhelming. When I started knitting a sweater was considered a small project and a big one was a double or Queen size afghan.  I still think an afghan is a huge investment of time. The satisfaction of knitting a sweater is as great today as it was many years ago. In fact I was wearing a wool fairisle cardigan yesterday that I knit close to 25 years ago and I still get people commenting on the sweater (mostly other knitters). If you go to knitting shows you will see people wearing their favourite hand knit or crocheted sweater.

To the left are three of our classic designs with larger pictures below. We have had them as part of our kits  for years and will continue to have them for years as they never go out of style. They come in wool or wool/acrylic
blend yarn. The garter rib combination on the left is the easiest of the three.  The next level is the one in the center, the classy cable one, as once you have the rows set up it is pretty repetitive. Don't let cables scare you off, they are easier then they look. The one on the right is more complicated as you have changes and you have to keep your pattern going as you decrease for the v-neck.

Vogue Classic garter cardigan

Classy cable pullover

Vogue cable/ribbed cardigan

Maybe you want to start small with a baby cable sweater
This throw and pillow cover is the same pattern as the classy cable sweater above and it also comes in a kit.

Do you want a bit more of a challenge check out the classic aran pullover or cardigan kit in Briggs and Little Aran yarn

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