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Issue #52  Feb 21, 2018


Please take note: If you have been using or  as my email address nothing has changed but if  you are using  this address no longer works. I have moved my web site from Bell Canada  ( to another provider. Also I will be cancelling my 888 number so you can call me on my local number which is 905 664 4710 (if you don't have a phone plan that covers long distance calls let me know when you call what your number is and I will call you right back using my plan which does cover long distance calls.)

I have been busy going through the grand river yarns web pages, removing items that are no longer available, and marking the other things down to a clearance price. So far I have brought the accessories, some yarn and all kits up to date. Go to the index of available kits by clicking here and then select the type of kit which will take you to the selections for that type.  For example go to the index of kits and if you want to see women's sweaters click on that link, then if you want summer tops scroll down the page until you see the selection that is available, see one you like click on the picture and that will take you to the page for that item with all it's details and you can order from there or go back up to the top of the page and click on the link for kits and that will take you back where you started.

Now I have to tackle the yarn inventory. I have so many different yarns that it could take me awhile to go through every page and count what is left in that particular yarn. I could be awhile before I get the yarn pages up to date on line. I also have to start getting ready for the spring show in Toronto. I have added the late summer show in Barrie (Fibre Spirit) so I will be doing a lot of dying as soon as the Toronto show is over and the weather warms ups. I count on good weather for drying the skeins.

The really good news is that I have been able to redo my mortgage for another 5 years so I  will not have to move. But I have decided that I want to cut back in terms of the amount of time I spend on the business and the amount of money that the business cost me (changing providers of the internet and cutting out some of the phones is a first step in that direction.) I have not had a holiday in well over 25 years so I think it is time for me to find time to visit friends and have a more active social life. Just how the business will reshape itself when I have finished downsizing is yet to be determined. I know that I will no longer attempt to maintain a full service store in my home. More classes, more shows, more time to design and create and even to get my loom out and play with it might be options. I will be 78 this year and for some reason I have done a lot of thinking about how I got here, what I am doing and what I might want to do. For sure more time for old friend and making new ones.


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