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Issue #32 June 27, 2017


It has been almost a month since I sent out a newsnote. I have accomplished very little in that time period, canceled a local show I was supposed to do. I got a cold on the 29th and am still fighting it. Seems like my immune system is on holiday somewhere. The darn cold would get a bit better then move to somewhere else in my body and off I would go again. Starting to feel like I am slowly but surely mending.  On one of the up days I got to dye some yarn. Carnaval is a light lace weight shiny viscose with a touch of texture. I am pleased at how they turned out. You would probably knit it on a 3 to 4 mm needles depending on how open you want the stitches to look.  Not shown here but we have it in white as well.

I also dyed some texture rayon called Iris, not as shiny and a bit thicker. I don't have the page up yet with the 10 colourways. I was working with dyes to get a teal shade, in-between blue and green which is what I got and it has some light to medium grey. By next week I will have the Iris page complete. I promise.


I knit a cowl in this yarn to show how it looks knit up. It is a simple pattern and the yarn is fairly thick so it knits up quickly. The cowl I knit ended up being 7" wide and 48" around and took less then half of the rolls, so you could make it much wider, longer or you could make a second one for a gift.
If you are interested in the pattern make a note in the comment section of the order form when you order the yarn .

I put two yarns that we have had for awhile together in a shawl. They are both thicker yarns so they knit up quickly. One, Sibelle, is a pastel unique blend of yarns and the other is Ishtar, a hand dyed blend of raw silk and non hairy mohair in a soft blue. They make an  interesting combination. It is knit in a simple garter stitch and has stripes of blue to show off all the colours in the other yarn.
If you are on any of my other sites you may already know that I am in the process of downsizing the store inventory in anticipation of a move late Fall or Early Spring. I have lots and lots of things that are odds and ends, like  only 1 kit left, 1 or more skeins or balls of yarn, buttons, notions, accessories that would take up too much space on line. In the store I used to take the odds and ends off the shelf and put them in a bin at a reduced price and they never stayed there very long. So I have set up a virtual odds and ends clearance bin called Grand River Yarns clearance group  where I will list things every couple days to let you know what I have in the odds and ends department. You can join the group at

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