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Issue #46 Nov 21 2017


Well that was a great weekend. It took me until Friday afternoon to get everything set up but it was as good as it was going to get and I was ready early Saturday morning. Thanks to all the hand and machine knitters, spinners, weavers, crocheter and fibre artists who came this weekend and many who came before the weekend when things were still pretty chaotic. I still have a lot of yarn and its still on sale so give me a call and we can set up a time for you or you and your friends to visit. For those of you who are just too far away or just too busy to get here. Take a look at the web site and send me an email letting me know what you are interested in and I will tell you what the clearance sale price will be. I will get working on trying to bring the web page up to date in terms of what I have left, clearance sale prices and maybe post a bunch of things currently not on line.

Remember that postage is actual (what Canada Post charges) it stays the same price. So take in to consideration what you are saving on the yarn or things and also if you are in the US the exchange rate today is 1.00 US is worth 1.28 in Canada. If you have trouble figuring out what that means, an item that cost 1.00 in Canada would cost you 72 cents in US money.

I  also will no longer have a store setup in the new house (much smaller) so all the store and show display units will be for sale. You can check them out at  As I find things stored away and take pictures I will add them the display pages.
 When I closed the store in Paris, Ontario I had about $5,000. in patterns. Not having a walk in business meant that I still have most of them. I will have lots of patterns for sale at $1.00 for single patterns and $2.50 for booklets with more then 1 pattern. I also have a number of Rowan pattern books for sale at 1/2 price or even less. If you have a store or want a bunch of pattern to be able to sell cheaply I can put together a box that would include baby, children, women, men in winter and summer patterns for less then one dollar each. 100 patterns for $25.00 If interested in the boxes you would want to pick the boxes up as shipping would be expensive, 100 patterns would be heavy. 

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