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  Description:  A wild and wacki shawl, not only does it look great but it is warm, fluffy and  feels great around your neck for cold winter days.
It is knit in what I call a shoulder shawl, short and long

Width at widest point: 68" side to side
  Length: 11" from neck down
Price: $25.00


I have put the shawl on the model backwards so you could see how full it is in the back


Description:  Ruffled shawl in Fleece Artist Mohair

 Width: 18"   Length: 50" (ruffle 100")

Price: $35.00



Description:  Short row scarf in a raw looking yarn called Island. Island is a rayon, cotton and silk blend.
If you don't like the fringe it would be easy for you to take some or all of it off. This is an all season scarf
and great for those that find wool scarves itchy on their neck.

 Width: 6"  Around: 42"
 fringe an additional 8"

Price: $30.00



Description:  Lacy scarf knit in a white unspun rayon with a rayon wrap that has little clusters of peach and blue shiny viscose. It is what is called a seeded yarn. To finish it off we added peach colour glass beads on the fringes to match the peach clusters. Shawl pin not included but available

Width: 8"  Around: 52" fringe an additional 4 1/2"

Price: $35.00



Description: Bulky rolled roving cowl in multi dyed wool .

Price: $25.00


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