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Light weight cotton shawl
Summer shawl knit in a soft light weight cotton spun as a tape. This is a perfect shawl for those cool evenings or one you can leave at the office to pull on when the air-conditioning gets too cool. It folds up very small and would easily go in an office drawer.
Shawl without the fringe measures 70" wide and 36" deep.

The fringe on this shawl is curly. You can make it with out the fringe, or make it with a fringe that is straight. I had some of this yarn that I had knitted a sample that I did not like and so I un-ravelled it and ended up with balls of curly cotton tape.  The kit will automatically come with the curly cotton tape for the fringe so if you don't like it send me a note in the comment section of the order page and I will replace it with the un-curly yarn.
This is knit in garter stitch on 4.5mm needles and is very simple to make. You start with 3 stitches increase at the beginning of each row and knit until you have just enough yarn left to cast off the last row.

This is an enlargement of the tape, it's like ribbon but not silky. You would not be able to see the strand of spinning with the naked eye and I was amazed when I zoomed in on the yarn and took a picture that I got this much detail. It is a light weight yarn that knits on 2.5 or 3.5 mm needle if you were making a sweater with it. We have a number of kits that use this yarn. Click here to see the sweater kits


Kit  $15.95
kit includes yarn and pattern
Recommended Needle Size: 4.5mm (US7)


This kit is also available in
black and celedon green





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