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Isabeau Knits'
Entrelac fingerless gauntlet


Special Offer


Available in the following colours
Ebony - black  sold out
Ice blue - 3 kits
Teal - medium turquoise sold out
Sable - medium brown- sold
White - sold out
Elderberry - light eggplant-sold out
Curry - 1 kit
Violet - lavender -sold out
Sage - celery green - sold out
Basil - medium green - 1 kit


These are interesting to knit and lovely to wear. We did a workshop with this pattern and everyone's gauntlet came out great. The pattern for the entrelac part is written clearly and you just need to follow it to get these great looking fingerless mitts with entrelac wrist.
This yarn comes in 50 gram balls and some people ran a little short so  to make sure everybody had enough all the balls for this kit have 5 extra grams or are wound as a 55 gram ball to be on the safe side
Zephyr DK yarn
50% Tussah Silk & 50% Merino
gauge 24 sts in 4 "

colours in the basket starting at top and going clockwise on the outer row first and then the inner row.
black, turquoise, white, copper, navy, elderberry, wine, lavender, ice blue.
curry, sable, sage


Recommended Needle Size:
3.5 or 4mm   (US  4 and 6)

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