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Women's Rolly fingerless gloves
 kit includes
5 different colours of Canadian wool
100% Wool
Pattern includes instruction on knitting them in the round or knitting them on straight needles
 The kit is small enough to carry in your purse so you can knit on it on the bus. or waiting at the doctors office or hairdresser and the pattern is easy to follow so that for the most part you can remember what you need to do even if you have not picked it up for a while with out having to refer to the pattern. They make great gifts or you can gift yourself with a pair or two.
$15.95 a kit  

kit You can wear them scrunched up like shown below or you can extend the sleeve part to cover more of your arm and the same for the hand part. When you don't need your fingers out you can extend the hand part to cover the ends of your fingers. I thought having a small dome at the end of the fingers to keep them closed might be an idea.

 Dome not included with the kit but if you would like a couple let me know in the comment section of the order form as I am sure I have a box of them in my sewing room somewhere and can put a couple in your kit.

Jewel tones

Pastel colours

Autumn shades

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