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Pocket or Hood Scarf
in Snowball
A soft, thick, cuddly and warm scarf with pockets to keep your hands warm or a hood to keep your head warm.

3 way kit
1. long scarf 13" x 75"
2. scarf with hand warmer ends
(see picture to right)
3. head warmer and scarf combo
(see picture above)

close up of the knitted yarn

Special clearance 1st kit $19.95 and second kit at 1/2 price
price will be adjusted on invoice

# of kits

Hand warmer scarf

Kit includes pattern
500 grams of yarn

Also available in an off white,
beige and taupe colourway

Local phone number (905) 662 0986,  Fax: (905) 664 3638 or call our Toll Free Order Line in Canada and the USA
1-888-314-1115  or email me at
<Rochelle Smith>