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French Angora Yarn
soft fluffy yarn from Angora Rabbits

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30 cents a gram  Clearance price 20 cents a gram
My shopping cart is not able to figure out how much it would be for a number of grams in a certain colour, so it is best if you just click on the colour you want and in the comment section of the order page tell me how many grams you want of each of the colours you selected.


Pearl grey  100% angora
380 grams left

50% angora, 40% wool&
10% polymide
435 grams left


Beige  100% angora
320 grams


170 grams

Burnt orange
70% angora & 30% wool
50 grams left
Angora ruffle scarf Kit
 A soft luxurious scarf that is easy to knit and
 warm for winter weather or stylish as a fashion statement. This easy to knit ruffled scarf is knit in 80/20 French angora yarn and takes 70 grams.

Clearance price $14.00




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