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Aurora Borealis

An unusual yarn made specifically for a manufacturer who changed his mind. They are all high glitter, the yarn is wrapped  in a multi coloured glitter and it takes on different colours depending on what colours are in the skein. It is very difficult to get a good picture of yarns with glitter. #8 is a beautiful gold but you can't see that in the picture. The yarn itself does not have stretch but when knit it has a lot of stretch, in either direction as well as on the bias. I would suggest that you use very large  needles for a lacy mesh look. Composition: 55% cotton, 34% nylon, 11% metal


Stole knit in Aurorborealis
Very unusual yarn

72" long and 24" wide

Knit on a 15mm needle
and we have lots of
15mm needles straight
and circular if you need some.

$30.00 Kit
Clearance price



Only one kit left



Colour #3
Colours:  Light teal, bright gold, white, bright green
Weight: 260 grams
Length: 200 meters



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