Grand River Yarns

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 Rayon and Linen Blend Cluster Yarn
59% rayon & 41% linen
The yarn has small clusters of yarn throughout that give an
interesting texture and look to your knitting.





close up of yarn

The yardage is different because of the amount of dye in the black.
They look and feel the same and would work well together

Salmon and kiwi

264 yards in 200 gram skein

208 yards in 200 gram skein

Suggested needle size  between a 5.5mm to a 6.5 mm

$10.00 for a 200 gram skein
(5 cents a gram)


200 gram skeins

Local phone number (905) 662 0986,  Fax: (905) 664 3638 or call our Toll Free Order Line in Canada and the USA
1-888-314-1115  or email me at
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