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or if you are heading south for a vacation
Great for ponchos, tops, shawls, and scarves.

51% cotton ,29% Linen, 20% Silk
50 gram balls  95 meters (105 yards)
Gauge: varies according to needle, it says it can be knit on 2.5mm needle but I think that would be way too tight. We used a 10mm needle to knit the poncho which is available as a kit (5 balls and pattern for $25.00, if you want a fringe you should order an additional ball). I also knit a small shoulder shawl and it took 2 balls

This is a light airy looking  cotton, linen and silk yarn that was spun as a ribbon yarn with little tuffs of yarn every inch or so.


We took it to the  Spring show and below is what we have left in stock.

TOP ROW: royal blue (sold out) , white sold out, lavender (13  balls)
pink rose (22 balls), lime green (33 balls)

BOTTOM ROW: dark cinnamon (29balls), winter green(7 balls),
sunflower (39 balls), tangerine (11 balls)
updated Oct 3-5:15pm

This yarn is from a spinning mill in Italy known for it high quality yarns.

 I have a limited amount of the yarn and it can not be reordered.

Ohio Yarn

order number of skeins and colour 


 $5.95 a ball


 If available, a bag of ten is reduced to $50.00 a bag
We have full bags in pink, yellow, lime. cinnamon,


special bag price $50.00  (10 balls)


This shawl is knit on  10 or 12 mm needle and is 24" deep as you can see in the picture of the back to the right. It can be up to 6 feet long for lots of wrap. The picture on the left has the shawl wrapped in a big twist and one tail is left down and the other is up over the shoulder




Poncho Kits $25.00

If you want a fringe you will need another ball so order it under single balls
and I will adjust the price  $5.00 a ball


the colour of the green in the poncho picture is too pale, the colour is closer to the lime green ball of yarn shown above


Local phone number (905) 662 0986,  or call our Toll Free Order Line in Canada and the USA
1-888-314-1115  or email me at
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