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Linen Look rayon slub yarn
Thick and thin yarn with a light shine  
10 different colours in different thickness and yardage.
These are similar yarns but made by different manufacturers so their thickness is slightly different
check the yardage which will indicate the thickness of the yarn.

The more yardage there is in 100 grams the finer the yarn will be.
$9.95 100 gram skein
Rayon is made from wood fibre (as linen is made from the fibre of the flax plant) It is a bit softer
then linen and these particular rayon yarns have the look of hand spun fibre.

This triangle dropped stitch shawl is available
 as a kit in Williamsburg (indigo) or Penny for $19.95
82" wide by 30" deep at center back

close up of drop stitch pattern
(see below for colours)


This one row lace scarf was knit in Teal
Rayon slub and is  available as a kit in
Dusty Rose, Teal, Lavender rose for $19,95

finished size unblocked 9" by 70" long
the colours are closer to there actual
colour then the picture of the scarf


Dusty pink, teal, raspberry                                          
Stole took about 325 grams - 64" long (without 12" fringe) x 21" wide
Just select the colours you want to use from below, three skeins will give you lots to work with. I don't have a pattern written for it but it is knit in stockinette stitch .  I knit shorter rows of colours on either end and wider rows in the center. If I was going to do it again I might do it in garter stitch to prevent tt curling on either side or another combination that would help with that is Row 1 knit
Row 2 rib (k1, p1) and repeat these two rows, it helps keep it flatter.

308 yards in 100 grams

Williamsburg (indigo)


286 yards in 100 grams




286 yards in 100 grams

Dusty pink


385 yards in 100 grams


350 yards in 100 grams
only 2 skeins left


286 yards in 100 grams


330 yards in 100 grams
not a shiny bright gold as it looks in this
picture, it has a light copper look to
it that I can't get the camera to pick up.


280 yards in 100 grams 
bright turquoise -not as shiny



340 yards in 100 grams 
bright lime green- not as shiny


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