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Frilly Milly yarn
1 strand of thick and thin wool slub and
1 strand of shiny viscose eyelash spun together
100 grams  $9.95
Clearance price 2 skeins for  $15.00


white and sherbet
reminds me of summer and a creamsicle


8 skeins of 100 grams  


-black and pastel flecks  of colour

12 skeins of 100 grams



If you are interested in knitting shawl, it takes 2 skeins
and you can ask for the free pattern in the comment
section of your order.


Grand River Yarns in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada
Rochelle Smith    phone # 905 664 4710
When you call me , if you don't have a long distance phone plan tell me and I will call you right back on my plan.
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