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Hand dyed  Rayon and Lurex

180 yards in 100 grams 
 Worsted weight
Suggested Needles: 
4.5 mm or 5mm /US 7 or 8

This is an interesting yarn. If you like texture in your yarn you will like this one. It is  unspun rayon wrapped in a gold Lurex fibre. We had a hand dyed yarn called
Arrina 2 that is basically the same as this yarn. We have used a different dying process and dyes to get the colours we have available. This is the end of the
Camila yarn, so what is here is all we have and we
can't get any more. 

$9.50 a 100 gram skein
Clearance Price $ 7.20
180 yards in 100 grams
One skeins will get you a cowl or fairly long scarf,
depending on how wide you make the scarf.

Cowl Kit

A simple cowl pattern using rows of different
colourways of the Camila. I had a bunch of
odds and end left over after dying and knit
them together in this cowl. I do have one bag of odds and ends of colourways left if you are
interested, enough to make this cowl.


not sure I still have this bag, I think I saw it recently, if you are interested I will go looking for it.

It is really difficult to get pictures of hand dyed yarn that truly show the colours. If the picture is too light and you try to darken it the whole thing goes dark, or is the red is not red enough and you increase the red it puts red in all the other colours in the yarn. Some of the yarns are very close in colour but one may have a dominant colour the next one doesn't so I don't like to clump them all as the same colourway.  The other way to deal with the uniqueness of hand dyed yarns is to knit two rows from one ball and two rows from another so that the colours will be broken up in the project. The yarn on the right is from the same dye batch 394 but you can see how the yarn in the upper left is different then the one in front while the one in the upper right is halfway between the two,

# 399  Only 1 skein in this colourway
Clearance price $7.20



#392  only 2 skeins left
 light beige and soft green
Clearance price $7.20

One 55 gram ball yards 
clearance price 4.00



#394  only 2 skeins left and 1 each of the 80 grams 8.00 &  100 grams 9.50
      clearance price 6.00 - 7.20
scroll down in the box below for the skein or skeins you want


#400 Only 1 skein in this colourway
 much brighter
Clearance price $7.20



#403 1 skein in this colourway
85 grams $8.50
clearance price $6.40


#419  only 1 skein 60 grams $6.00  Clearance price $4.50


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