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Hand dyed wool

98% wool + an almost invisible fine strand of a nylon wrap
Worsted weight yarn

Recommended Needle Size: 4.5  mm (US 7 )

50 gram skein $5.95
94 yards in 50 grams If you order more than one skein let me know if you are going to use them together
and I will try to find skeins that are closer together in the colourway.
See below for Ear Warmer pattern made with 50 gram skein

most of these colours are showing darker and brighter then they are -if I tone them down the just get fuzzy.


                          Click here for link to short sleeve cropped cardigan in hand dyed Morgana wool

I have the tone on tone colours in pink, and two shades of blue, I then match them to a hand painted skein that has either of the blues or the pink in it. 

click here  for link to vest kit made
with tone on tone Morgana

this vest takes 380 grams


Ear warmer takes 1 50 gram skein
Cast on 55 stitches, Knit every row
(garter) until you almost run out of yarn,
cast off and sew two ends together

2916- 1 skein only


2836- 2 skein only


2917- 2 skein only


2918- 2 skein only


2919-4 skein only


2920- 2 skein only



2922- 2 skein only



Tone on Tone colourways
various size skeins

teal  2 skein(45g, 55g) for
100 grams total $9.95


lighter in colour then the photo
plum -2 skeins
75 grams- $7.50
60 grams - $6.00

rose - 2  skeins
70 grams - $7.00
55 grams - $5.50

lime - 1 skein 105g  skein $9.95


200 gram skeins  $19.95

#3276   200 grams skeins  $19.95
3 skeins available


4236 -only 1 skein


4237 - only 1 skein

4238 -only 1 skein

4239 -only 1 skein

4240 - only 1 skein


4486 - only 1 skein

4487 -only 1 skein
240 grams - $23.95




3281 Rose
200 gram skeins $19.95
 2 skeins available



  4241 Periwinkle
200 gram skeins $19.95
 only 1 skein available


4242 light denim
200 gram skeins $19.95
 2 skeins available


Sweater size skeins
I hand dyed enough yarn to make a large sweater.

The green has 6 skeins and 2 skeins are a light green,
2 are a medium green and 2 are a darker green. 
There are a number of ways that you can use this
dyeing method. One is to start with the darker yarn
at the bottom and then the medium and finishing
 with the top, about a 1/3 of the sweater in each colour.
Or you can work two rows from one skein,
2 from another and 2 from the other,
maintaining this colour distribution
throughout the sweater.
Or you can use the three shades randomly.
1,215 grams - 2,284 yards
special offer $75.00


The grey has 6 skeins - 4 are a light grey and 2 are a
darker grey. I would be tempted to use the light
grey for the body and the darker grey for the
band, neck cuffs etc. Or you can just work
from different balls to get an over all mixed effect.
1,250 grams - 2,350 yards
special offer $75.00

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