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hand dyed Rovings

Hand Dyed Merino & Cashmere Roving
from Australia

very soft and silky

top row -blues&white-2 rolls available, green,turquoise,mustard-2 rolls available
2nd row:- sea blue&green- 3 rolls available, blue&burgundy -3 rolls available,
lime&burgundy-1 roll available

50 grams - $12.00
clearance price $10.00

Hand Dyed Merino Roving
from New Zealand
very very soft

fuscia-3 rolls available, blue&pink- 2 rolls available
blue&green-1 rolls available, orange&tomato
-1 roll available
50 grams -$10.00
Clearance price $8.00


Wool Roving
very soft and clean

Burnt orange-1roll , pink&peach -1 roll , rust&cream-1 roll
cream-1 roll, blue&lavender-3 rolls +1 half roll, green&lavender
-1 roll
100 grams -$10.00
Clearance price $8.00

*best for felting

hand dyed wool braidsClearance price $3.00 a braid - 25 to 50 grams each




50 grams - $12.00
Clearance price 10.00
lime(top) 2 rolls,  blue&green (right)-5 rolls, blue&lavender (bottom) 4 rolls, Turquoise (left) 1 roll

*not good for felting

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