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This yarn is great for outdoor garments and will wear and wear because of the firmness of the spin. While all of these yarns are a two ply 100 % wool they have different yardages due to the manufacturing, the dyes, etc., so be sure to check the yardage on the colour you want when ordering quantities. Also they vary in how soft or firm they are. The firmer yarns will soften with handling and knitting as there is natural lanolin still in the yarn and an additional washing after knitting with a gentle shampoo and conditioner will make it softer. 

100 gram skeins    100 % WOOL

clearance price
$3.95 a 100 gram skein



165 yards in 100 grams


(burgundy, blue, grey)
182 yards in 100 grams


 white - natural
187 yards in 100 grams

Leaf Green
192 yards in 100 grams

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