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Undyed  100% Wrapped Wool
(the wrapping that hold the unspun yarn together is clear nylon,
and you have to look very hard to even find it)

Worsted  weight yarn
Suggested Needles: 4 to 4.5mm /US 6 to 7
20 stitches in 4"

100 gram skeins $10.00

clearance price $7.50



This is an lightly spun pure wool with a
fine nylon wrap.
It is a natural off white colour-


If you would like you can wash the yarn to
increase its size  prior to knitting or dying.
If you are not going to wash or dye it prior to
knitting I would suggest you knit it loosely so
that it has room to open nicely when washed

We dyed some and discovered that not only did
it take a dye nicely but the yarn fulled (puffed up
when washed) In the bottom picture you can
see the difference in size between the dyed and the
un-dyed yarn. It has a nice soft feel to it.


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