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We don't carry a full line of Knit Picks Needles in stock but we can
certainly order what ever you would like.
We do have:
nterchangeable needle set in Nickel-Plated and Harmony or Caspian Wood .
              Harmony wood Cable needle set
Options Needle tip Stand   Split Ring Knitting Stitch Markers

Double pointed needles in Harmony Wood
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Knit Pick Needles come in three materials, the gorgeous Harmony wood or the slick Nickel-Plated. They come in interchangeable needles, double pointed needles and straight Harmony wood in two lengths but for now I will just be carrying the interchangeable needle sets in .nickel and wood plus cables and accessories to go with the interchangeable needle sets. Tips are available from 3.5mm to 12mm (US sizes 4 to 17). The cable are available 24", 32", 40", 47" & 60" and the best part of all is they are made with flexible memory free material which means that you can roll the cable up for storage and when you take it out it opens up straight no kinks to try to get rid of. In the Double Pointed Harmony wood needles I have sizes  2.5mm to 6mm.

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