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Addi Turbo Circular Knitting needles

25% off final sale

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Skacel Addi Turbo -I don't keep all sizes in stock and this list reflects the current stock
The final price is 25% off the regular price
 I will not be re-ordering now is your chance to get those turbo needles you have always wanted.

I have a couple sets of Addi Turbo nickel plated lace weight DPN  1.50mm, 1.75mm

  25% off the current regular price on the last needles I bought ($20.70) is $15.50.
I will take 25% off whatever the price is on the needle. it could be less then 20.70-.

Circular  20cm/8" (small sock needles), 3mm-1, 3.25mm-1, 3.50mm-2, 3.75-2mm


Circular  30cm/12" (sock needles) 2mm-3, 2.25mm-2, 3mm-2, 3.75mm-1, 4mm-1, 5mm-1


Circular  60cm/24inch;  2mm- 2,  2.25mm -2,  2.5mm-1,  3mm -1, 3.25mm-1,  3.5mm -2,  3.75mm-1,  5 mm-2, 5.5mm-2,  6 mm-1


Circular  80cm/32inch;  2 mm- 1, 2.5mm-1 , 2.75mm - 2, 3mm -2, 3.25mm- 3, 3.75mm - 2, 4mm-1, 5.5mm - 3, 6mm-1,


Circular  100cm/40inch;    2mm-3,  2.75mm-1,  3mm-2,  3.5mm-2,  4.5mm-1,  5.5mm-1, 6mm-1,  8mm-1,



Circular  120cm/47inch;  3mm- 1, 3.5 mm -2


Circular tubular; 150cm/60inch; 12mm-2,
I took this picture including my hand so you could get an idea of how thick the tube and needle is. regular price $33.90

Final sale price $25.40

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