Grand River Yarns

Clover Wonder Knitter
3 peg & 6 peg - all in one

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4 1/2 " high
6 1/2 " around

Clover corker is a light weight  but sturdy plastic corker. It has rotating disks,
one is a 3 peg  and the other is  a 6 peg. The 3 peg is used for heavier yarns and
the 6 peg gives more density with medium weight yarn. It comes with instructions
on how to use it and some suggestions for things you can make. It also shows how
to add beads to your yarn when you are corking. It has a nesting place for the pick when not in use. The pick is pointed for ease in moving the stitches .
Great for kids or adults

Price $14.95

Final price $11.25


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