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China has a twenty five thousand years of using bamboo in products. The Mei-Mei needle company have inherited this tradition and continue to develop technology that ensure the intensity, rigidity and long life of the their needles and hooks. They are rigorous in picking the bamboo used in their product.  Each Mei-Mei needle goes through 24 hand polishings and 7 inspections before being shipped. They are also put through what is called a high temperature cure to preserve the bamboo and prevent warping.
 9mm 13" long  3 pair,
     10mm  13" long 3 pair.       

Mei Mei Bamboo straight knitting needles

  $6.95 pair  clearance price 50% off    $3.45

as well as the Mei-Mei bamboo needles
I have a couple other odd bamboo needles  50% off

Milward - 2.75mm 13" long  5 pairs   $3.40 pair clearance clearance 1.70

Peace -  8mm -13" long 1 pair left $3.95 clearance 1.95

Charmin  7mm 14" long 2 pair left  $2.50 clearance price 1.25
               7.5 mm  14" long 2 pair left $2.50 clearance price 1.25


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