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Knitting Notions

I have knitting notions made by different companies bought at different times.
The price listed in each box below is the current suggested retail price.
If I have older inventory I will charge you the lower price when I ship the item.


Prym knitting calculator and counting frame.

I had one of these years ago and lost it so I was please to see that Prym is making this very handy knitting tool again. It has a number of useful
*It measures a 4" by 4" tension swa
tch. You just lay the plastic disk on top of your swatch and it will be very easy to count the number of stitches in a row and the number of rows in your swatch.
*With that information and the size you need the garment to be you can move the pointer to the correct number and it will tell you how many stitches to cast on.
It also has holes to measure needle size ( metric only) from 1.5mm to 10mm  A handy tool for only $8.50
Final price $4.25

12" Book Keeper by LoRan
keeps your pattern books, magazines and charts/patterns organized safe and neat in a binder

These are an inch longer then the one on the market so they hold larger charts, etc.
10 for $4.50
final sale 10 for $3.40

flat $1.00

Measuring Tapes
60"  /  150 cm long

Pompom Maker by Prym makes four sizes of pompoms.  small instruction manual $10.98
Final Sale price $5.50

Rubber needle point guard -for all sizes $1.89  
Rubber needle point guard - 5.5-10mm $2.39  
Row counter -2 on a card 2-3.5 & 4-6mm $3.88  
Row Counter -2-3.5mm  $1.90  
Row Counter -4-6mm  $1.90  
Metal needle gauge $2.50  
Susan Bates metal needle and crochet hook gauge $3.75  
Cable stitch needle straight - 5.5-7.5mm $1.70  
Cable stitch needles-Inox 2 on a card -small /large 4.89  
Plastic bodkins on card 2 $1.79  
Tapestry needles #16 $1.45  
Tapestry needles #20 $1.45  
Threader -yarn and floss $1.79  
Latch hook $3.00  
Scissors- 6" stainless steel $5.95  
Tatting shuttle-metal with removal bobbin- $5.49  

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