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PRYM  Knitting Calculator + counting frame
$8.50 Final Sale price $5.00

2 left

12" Book Keeper by LoRan
keeps your pattern books, magazines and charts/patterns organized safe and neat in a binder

These are an inch longer then the ones on the market so they hold larger charts, etc. regular .75 cents each
final sale 10 for $4.50

Sock stretcher
only 1 left     size small

regular price $19,95


Measuring Tapes
60"  /  150 cm long

white-8 left, yellow-14 left, blue- 3 left

Aero Row Counters for
2mm to 3 1/2 mm needles

Final sale price $1.00


you put one on your needle and every time you complete a row you turn the end of it to increase the number

Bernat Row Counters for


5.5 mm to 6.5 mm needles

Final sale price $1.00



Yarn Bobbins small size -
8 bobbins in a pack
$1.00 - 10 left + 2 Boyce packs (4 bobbins)



Yarn bobbins -Susan Bates
$1.00  2packs left


Unique Needle point protector
 I have 3 that are good for up to 6 or 7 mm needles
and 1 that is for up to 4 mm needles

$ .50 each sale


When you aren't working on your project you put the point
protectors to protect the points of your needles and it also  help keep your project on the needles.

Highlighter tape orange

just one left  sale $ 3.00

can be used on a pattern to mark sections without leaving any marks or note


U shaped cable stitch needle
$1.00  12 left 


Cable stitch holders with a bump in the middle-
5 left  $1.00

Inox Straight Cable stitch holders 

2 on a card 2.5mm & 4mm - 1left

Stitch holders 3"  2 left


Scissors- 8" stainless steel with black handles
2 pair left


Scissors- 4 3/4" embroidery- stainless steel with green handles $4.50 2 pair left 




2 - hot transfer pencils $1.00

2- double ended needle threaders  2 /$1.00

3 packs of 6 tapestry needles #20 $1.00 pack

If you want any of the above just put a note in the comment section on the order form and I will add it to your order.


Knitting accessories holder

notions not included but can be purchased- 
great gift for a new knitter- order the holder and include a few basic thing that any knitter will need.
Price $8.79  1 left
Final sale price $5.00



Knitting Needles holder

It holds long straight needles, double pointed or short needle, crochet hooks and circular needles
Price $14.95 3 left
Final sale price $8.00



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