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PRYM  Knitting Calculator + counting frame
$8.50 Final Sale price $5.00

2 left

12" Book Keeper by LoRan
keeps your pattern books, magazines and charts/patterns organized safe and neat in a binder

These are an inch longer then the ones on the market so they hold larger charts, etc.
final sale 10 for $4.50

Sock stretcher
only 1 left     size small



Measuring Tapes
60"  /  150 cm long

white-8 left, yellow-14 left, blue- 3 left

Row counter -Bernat large for size from 5 to 6.5mm
$1.00  Only 1 left



Yarn Bobbins small size -
8 bobbins in a pack
$1.00 - 10 left + 2 Boyce packs (4 bobbins)



Yarn bobbins -Susan Bates
$1.00  2packs left



U shaped cable stitch needle
$1.00  12 left 


Cable stitch holders with a bump in the middle-
5 left  $1.00

Inox Straight Cable stitch holders 

2 on a card 2.5mm & 4mm - 2 left

 Straight Cable stitch holders
3 of size 6mm & 4 of 5 1/2 to 7 1/2
put a note in the comment section of the order page letting me know what size/s you want


Stitch holders 3"  2 left

Scissors- 8" stainless steel with black handles
2 pair left


Scissors- 4 3/4" embroidery- stainless steel with red handles $4.50 2 pair left -1 pair left with green handles

put a note in the comment section if you would prefer red or lime green



2 - hot transfer pencils $2.00

2- double ended needle threaders  2 /$1.00

4 packs of 6 tapestry needles #20 $1.00 pack

If you want any of the above just put a note in the comment section on the order form and I will add it to your order.


Knitting accessories holder

notions not included but can be purchased- 
great gift for a new knitter- order the holder and include a few basic thing that any knitter will need.
Price $8.79  2 left
Final sale price $5.00



Knitting Needles holder

It holds long straight needles, double pointed or short needle, crochet hooks and circular needles
Price $14.95 3 left
Final sale price $8.00



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