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Sequin  patches
Not sure what these are called.  At one time it was all the rage to sew them on light weight wool or cashmere sweaters.  You could sew them on anything that needs a little sparkle, jeans, jackets, hats. They are firmly sewn on a solid backing. They sold for $9.95 each or $19.95 for the gold set.  Clearance sale price for all of them is a total of $83.00 and you could have them all for $50.00. Move quickly before they start to sell

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The camera has difficulty with sparkles. This is
a very sparkly maple leaf shaped patch. The center
is in a dark perwinkle blue with tiny seed beads
as the outline. I have 9 leaves.
4" tall by 4" at the widest
Regular $9.95 each
Clearance Sale 3 leaves for $9.95

3 blue leaves

I took a close up of the small one so you could see
the detail. Each packet contains 6 of the small star
shaped ones and one of the larger flower cluster.
I have 4 packets 
cluster 5 1/2" by 2 1/4",
small stars 1 1/2" by 1 3/4" drops
Regular $19.95 a set
Clearance Sale $9.95

1 gold set

Not sure what they are supposed to look like
maybe fern fronds but not a lot of red ferns around,
they do look nice clustered. I have just 3 left.
4 1/2" long
Regular $9.95 each

Clearance Sale 3 fronds for $9.95

Yellow fish of sequins and seed beads
Regular $9.95 each - only 1 fish left

4" X 2"
Clearance sale 1 fish for $3.50

$50.00 for all the sequin patches
if some get sold I will remove this offer and keep the page up to date. If you are still interested in what is left write or call me for a price on the remaining patches.


I found 5 packages of these tiny flowers, 2 in each package for a total of
$2.00 for them all. I think they were meant for baby sweaters but could be used anywhere. Just under a inch wide from leaf tip to leaf tip, flower is about a quarter of an inch across.

  $2.00 for all 5 packages, 10 flowers

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