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Ball winders, Skein winders


scroll down to see Swift (skein winders)

Medium winder
1/2 lb size
only 1 left


We also have one extra cone for this winder




Medium metal ball winder
up to 500 grams


Note: This ball winder base is heavy metal which
is great for stability but not so good for postal charges.
It is going to weigh around 2 kilos when it is packed.

           swifts/skein winders


Wood skein winder
folds up for storage

only 1 left


side winding

metal and plastic skein winder
folds up nicely for storage


upright winding

Leclerc skein winder


These Leclerc skein winders are solid and built to last. A few years ago I looked on line and they were still making them and selling at 225.00 USD. I consider it to be a collector's item that is fully functional. Measurements: 38" tall, base is a solid piece of wood (heavy) 14" x 14" x 1 1/2" deep. The base has holes for 2 dowels for cones to sit on when winding. It makes skeins from 45" to 64" circumference. I would not recommend shipping this item it is heavy and does not come apart easily.

clearance price $49.95



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