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Used display units

 large bins  24" x 24" ( 36" tall -in storage )
2 white and 2 black  $35.00 each

1 tall white bin that is 12" x 12" $20.00

Hanging /wall baskets
 large black basket 24" wide  x 12" deep x 8" tall $10.00
2 white and 2 black baskets 12" x12" x 8" they are sitting in the larger basket   $6.00 each



Bin with wheels. the bottom comes out and can be raised to any needed height
21" x 21" and 24 inches high  $18.00

I also have a back drop that folds up and is very light to take to shows etc
At one show I used it to show shawls see above

The picture on the left is it set up in my yarn today and the one to the right is it folded up , The things sitting
in front of the unit are the braces to hold it up-right, they work with magnets in each end that easily snap on the up and down bars of the unit to hold it rigid. Easily set up by one person and takes 5 minutes at the most. $150.00


If you would like a number of these display items/ units we can come to further discounted price. Call or write Rochelle 905 664 4710 or

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