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Dolce Born 2005 He is a cross between a Yorkshire terrier and a Poodle- He weighs about 8 pounds. He was a very
nervous dog when I got him but he is much more relaxed now.

Dolce is getting on in years and has some health issues but is still a cutie. He is missing Versace who died the end of May 2019


This is Diego. He is a Persian mix with medium length fur. He is
11 weeks old in this picture and he had an outer coat of silver grey
fur which he no longer has. I had a feeling it was baby fur and it
was. He is 99.9% black now. A few silver hairs in his fluffy tail


Where ever I am he has to be close at hand, in this case I am in the packing area and he has found a spot on top of
a roll of packing cardboard.

I have been looking for a buddy for Diego as he needed somebody to play with and the dogs would not rough house with him. I found one
and she has just been with us for a week. Her name is Frida and I think she is some type of Oriental, very very thin, long legs and back ones longer then the front with a long skinny tail. She is very verbal and chats ups a storm. At the moment they are still scrapping with each other off and on all day. I originally put my money on Frida  as she is quite the queen and nothing seems to scare her, but Diego is still working very hard to be the boss, the one is charge but he is still a kitten in many ways and she is a young adult.
update: She has become a very solid cat no Oriental in her, is getting very round

She looks to me like a bronze Egyptian Mau
except for the forehead, hers isn't as sloped as a Mau


this is the other member of the household- me

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