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Mailing list for Newsletter
Grand River Yarns

We send out a newsletter to keep you up to date on what is new, what is special or on sale and what is coming. It's a short one page e-mail  newsletter because we know you would rather be knitting than reading newsletters but we also know that sometimes we need a reminder that it is time to go back and check out what is new and exciting on our web page so this will, we hope nudge your memory. If you would like to receive the newsletter just send us an email  saying "add me to your list".

Some servers are using anti-spam programs that are over zealous and our Newsletter will not go through their program. If you wish to receive our emailed Newsletter please add our email addresses to your Address file and that might help.

Regards, Rochelle

Grand River Yarns in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada
 Rochelle Smith    phone # 905 664 4710
 When you call me , if you don't have a long distance phone plan tell me and I will call you right back on my plan.
 or email me -