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Bottle covers that keep your hands warm and your water cool
in your stainless steel water bottles

I go through a lot of water in a day and usually am carrying or have a water bottle near me at all times. We are seeing a lot of discussion locally about how we should not be using disposable plastic bottles for drinking water for a whole lot of reasons so I went on a search to find the stainless steel water bottles that I had heard were an alternative. I found them, filled them, put them in the refrigerator and the next day was amazed at how cold the bottles were, that they were not comfortable to carry at all and if you did carry them the water got warm from your hands. So I decided to make some covers in wool that make it more comfortable to carry the bottles and discovered that the little bottle sweaters kept the water cool longer. We have three different designs in three different yarns to pick from. They work with 8" or 10" tall bottles. The kits have a pattern and enough yarn to make 3 covers.  $9.95
clearance sale price $

Knit in wool in garter stitch pattern

off white colour

only 4 left

Knit in Travalle wool with a touch of
acrylic in ribbed pattern

rust, kiwi, Aran, taupe, black

The kit has three colours in it.
kit 1 - Black, taupe, rust
sold out
Kit 2 -Green, taupe, rust
only 3 left
Kit 3-White, taupe, rust
only 4 left



Knit in Megreve, (mohair boucle,
wool and Lycra (stretch) in
stocking stitch

white, camel, forest green 
only 1 kit left

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