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Double knit in a cobalt blue mohair that has a very fine strand of silver spun into the yarn. The fringes are topped off with blue tone beads

Width: 5"  length 42" + 10" more of fringe 

Price: $30.00



cowl and hat set
The colour and texture shows correctly in the cowl picture. A slightly creamy colour. Both are made from the same yarn. It is a mohair blend that is soft and fluffy


Width: 26"  Deep 8" 

hat adult size

set: $30.00




Doubleknit with a soft multi-coloured wool blend yarn. Great light weight scarf to throw around your neck to add some colour.                                        

Width: 4"  long 52" + 12" in tassels

Price: $18.00



white or brown eyelash scarf

White: knit with 3 strands of yarn
one a long fluffy eyelash and the
other two are a soft boucle yarn 

 Long: 48"  wide: 5 1/2"

Price: $15.00


chocolate: knit with 2 strands of yarn
one a long fluffy eyelash and the
other a soft boucle yarn

 Long: 38"  wide: 5 1/2"

Price: $12.00


Olive Louet ruffle scarf


Knit with Louet Mohair. A great light-weight scarf to throw on for a splash of colour and texture

length: 54"  wide 3 1/2" 

Price: $25.00



Coral rayon drop stitch scarf


Coral coloured textured rayon scarf knit in drop stitch

48"  wide 8" 

Price: $15.00


Danu Novely Rayon with fringe

Dusty blue scarf knit in hand dyed Danu which is a texture Rayon yarn woven in multiple strands

Long: 46" plus a 5" fringe  wide 4"

Price: $12..00


Hand dyed fiesta cotton chenille

 Knit with a Hand Dyed fine cotton chenille in a drop stitch pattern. The colours look a little faded in this picture they are more like the colours in the close up

Long-54" +7" fringe
5" wide

Price: $15.00




Sibelle rayon pastel

Sibelle is a multistrand rayon with different colours and textures. It is a soft pastel colourway. The scarf has is thick as the yarn is heavy.

 Long-36" +7" fringe
9" wide

Price: $25.00



Red eyelash skinny scarf

Skinny long scarf knit in a fuzzy
yarn which I forget the name of


Long-60" +3" fringe
3" wide

Price: $10.00


Mr joe Chenille with fringe

This is a very dramatic scarf that is almost a shawl. It can be worn in a number of ways and look great. It was knit in a very thick soft chenille called Mr Joe. It has a great feel when you are wearing it. the picture is not great . The  colours are a blueish gray and beige and taupe. It is a really stunning fashion statement that will be fun to wear.

scarf part is 6" side  with 5" fringes on both side (total width is 16")

Price: $25.00




Terra Cotta Open Lace Cashwool

This scarf was knit in Cashwool which a a very fine lace weight Merino. Soft to wear around the neck. This pattern was called Open Lace, and the colour is Terra cotta

Width is 7 1/2"

Price: $20.00



Brown One Row Cashwool scarf

his scarf was knit in Cashwool which a a very fine lace weight Merino. Soft to wear around the neck. This pattern is called one row lace, and the colour is good strong chocolate brown, but the camera sees it as a greeny brown

wide 7"

Price: $20.00




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