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Adele's art yarn
Brushed or boucle mohair,  lace weight to bulky weight wool, novelty fibres that can include beads, glitter, eyelash are wound together to create a one of a kind look by women in rural South Africa in a cottage industry. We have used it in a knitted cowl but I am sure you will thing of some original ways to use it.  Each ball has an unique combination of fibres, thickness or thinness. Each ball has a name but each ball of that name may have been made from different yarn but will be close in colourway to the ones shown below. I made up some samples and have taken  pictures of each of them so you can see what they look like. To order and be happy you have to be a bit flexible because no two balls are exactly the same. When ever customer see this yarn they are fascinated with the look, the texture, the contrasts in the wide variety of yarns used and usually take one or more home. I have not had it on my web site because each is unique and I couldn't figure out how to share the uniqueness of this yarn. Also when I took these pictures for this page I was amazed at how much of the visual texture is missing in the picture. When you see the yarns you will see how vibrant  they are. They can be knit from the inside or outside of the ball. I chose to work from the outside in on the cowls. Some of the strand will only go around once and others will make a few rows. Use the same size needle regardless of the weight of the yarn. They knit up (or you could crochet one) quickly in a couple hours with a 6mm circular needle or 6mm hook. You cast on 100 stitches and join in a circle and knit (garter stitch) until you have just enough left to cast off. Cast off with a size large needle so that it will not be tight.
$15.00 each
Instruction for making a cowl are free with the yarn.




|2 samples available $20.00 ea
Fireball A -shorter and deeper 

Fireball B -longer and not so deep cowl

knitted sample available $20.00


yarn sold out but
sample available $20.00


I wondered how big a shawl would one ball make. I is 42" wide and 24" deep. 
sample for sale for $20.00


Autumn Avenue
sample available -$20.00


The above samples are to show you what it looks like made up and are for sale now for $20.00 each - They make a great and unique gift.

2 balls left
(pinks, plum, beige, taupe)


FIREBALL  7 balls left
(burgundy, red, orange, peach)

ROSEWOOD 19 6 balls
(left- more burgundy, purple dusty rose
right- more dusty magenta, orange, purple)
lots left, it was a very popular colour so I ordered more

This colourway is different enough that to order one and get another could be disappointing. In comment section of the order form ask for left or right 




MELANGE 41 balls left
(chocolate, grey taupe, black)

Knitted cowl  shown above $20.00

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