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 Bulky Chenille fringe scarf

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Bulky Chenilles

 MONICA by Mister Joe


The scarf is knit on 9mm needles (if you don't have 9mm needles I have some or you could use a 10mm, don't use a smaller size)

variegated: taupe, mink, grey, beige
Mr Joe Mink

If fringe is not your thing you could make it without the fringe or you could just put the fringe on one side.
Whatever you decide to do with this scarf it makes a dramatic statement with the luscious chenille yarn, colours  and pattern.

without fringe  7" x 60"
with fringe 19" x 72"
Regular price $35.00
sale price $19.95
knit on  9 mm needles
clearance price $9.95
only 4 kits left

  Chenille shawl/scarf kit yarn and pattern


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