Hand dyed by GRYs

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Hand dyed 100% viscose rayon

 100 gram skeins 506 yards

I have grouped colourways that would go together for a project but the skeins are purchased
individually.  Skeins are all single skeins unless it says there are more.

 Skeins are $15.00 each

Final Sale price $10.00 a skein


Group 1
Colours from left to right
1-a-soft green (2 skeins)
1-b-soft green and pale blue
1-c-soft green and medium blue
1-d- soft green, slightly darker blue and touch of white


Group 2
Colours from left to right
1-a-light lavender
1-b-light lavender, cinnamon, blue, yellow, green
1-c-medium lavender, pale blue, pale green
1-d- medium lavender, pale green, darker green
1-e- dark lavender, white, pale turquoise
1-f- med lavender (2 skeins)


Group 3
Colours from left to right
1-a-light blue (3 skeins)
1-b-light greyish blue (2 skeins)
1-c-light turquoise blue
1-d- light turquoise and pale green
1-e- light blue, lavender, pale green, touch of white
1-f- pale blue and pale lavender


  Group 4
Colours from right to left
1-a -yellow
1-b-yellow, lavender, beige, pale turquoise,, greyish lavender
1-c-yellow,pale turquoise, medium blue, pale green
1-d-yellow, pale lavender, greenish grey
1-e-yellow, pale lavender, light green, medium blue
1-f- pinkish lavender, medium grey



Group 5
note: calling this colour flamingo as it is
the pink-orange of a flamingo

Colours from right to left
1-a -flamingo, grey, plum
1-b-Flamingo, green, blue, plum
1-c-flamingo, light blue
1-d-flamingo, green, cinnamon
1-e-flamingo,blue, green, yellow plum
1-f- flamingo (2 skeins)




Group 6
Colours from right to left
1-a -flamingo, grey, plum
1-b-mixed pastels (6 skeins)



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